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Stories in Tackle

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Oct 5, 2007 at 3:19 AM
I'm interested in adding a feature for Stories in Scrum to Tackle and hoping for some feedback., The group I work with is very impressed with Tackle, however they wish to use User Stories while keeping as much of the existing application/DB intact. The User Stories would have the story itself, story points, test cases, while technical breakdowns of the story would still reside in the backlog. The idea is mainly to be able to see and manage all stories, assign and view stories in a sprint, and allow the stories to be broken down into backlog features so all the existing features in Tackle can still be used.

I'm looking the DB and wondering if the best approach might be to mimic tblMasterBacklog and tblSpringBacklog for stories. Maybe a tblMasterStories and a tblSpringStories. Obviously I would need to add some foreign keys to the existing log tables to link them to the new story table. Any thoughts to this approach?

Alos, I wanted to create a separate copy of the Tackle DB for development. First, I used MS SQL Management Express to generate a script to create the Tackle DB, Stored Procedures, etc, and to insert the default data. When I use the Tackle source to connect to it I get the following error message:
*ErrorCode: 80131904
GetUserIDFromUserName :line 1: : ErrorNumber 229: EXECUTE permission denied on object 'GetUserIDFromUserName', database 'StoryTackle', schema 'dbo'.*

I realize this is probably more a DB setup question, but if anyone has any insight on how to fix this I'd greatly appreciate it.
Oct 5, 2007 at 3:37 AM
Edited Oct 5, 2007 at 3:37 AM
When you genereted the script, did you also script all the object permissions? You'll need to as the TackleUser is granted specific permissions to the sproc's it uses. That'll probably be the problem with your copied db. You might actually just be better off backing up and restoring the database (as a different db name) to the same server.

As to the stories, since I don't use them, it's hard for me to give you much insight. However I think the stories are really only related to product backlog items, not sprint backlog items. So you could, in theory, create a table to hold the stories and then either add a column to tblMasterBacklog that holds the ID of the record in the stories table, or create a join table between the two (MSMBID, MasterStoryID, MasterBacklogID) so that you don't touch the tblMasterBacklog. Then create some UI that allows adding of stories into the system (with your associated details) and add to the product backlog/master backlog UI the ability to link the stories with the product backlog items.

Another quick option is to turn on the Customer Scenario column in the product backlog. It's another text box that you can type things into but probably not enough for what you want.