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  • As you can probably tell, this project hasn't had any support for a few years and it's not really working against the latest browsers, DBs, etc. If anyone has interest in taking it over, updating it, etc., please let me know and I'll add you to the project. ***

Tackle is a web-based scrum tracking site the provides a rich set of features to help manage small and large teams through their cycle of scrum-based sprints. It is built using ASP.Net and SQL Server.

Some of the features include:
  • Multiple scrum team management in single site.
  • Multiple product backlogs per scrum team.
  • Windows Authentication for secure lockdown of backlogs.
  • Multiple prioritization methods for product backlogs.
  • Auto-generation of sprint backlog based on product backlog prioritization.
  • Management of resources per sprint including OOF and buffers.
  • Multiple reports including sprint totals, sprint tasks per product or owner, burn down graphs, status reports, work per day reports, cross-scrum team reports, and sprint review documents.
  • Sprint retrospective note tracking.
  • Personal status report tracking.
  • Full help and tutorials available directly from the web site.
  • Source code automatically installed with the web files and database scripts for further customization.

To view screenshots, please see the Screenshot section. For more information on Tackle please visit the FAQ page. Support requests and questions should be posted in the forums.

Tackle Development Team
Microsoft Game Studios – Tools and Technology Team.

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